5 Apps/Web Tools I Use

1. Instagram (must be at least 13 years old) I like to use Instagram because it allows me to always stay connected with my friends and acquaintances, even at home when I’m not with them.

2. Snapchat (must be at least 13 years old) I like using Snapchat because it allows me to communicate with my friends in a quicker pace than texting and I can also check in with my friends by looking at their stories.

3. Gmail (must be at least 13 years old) I like using Gmail because it allows me to email people and is another form of communication, and it also allows me to quickly chat with my friends, and is an even quicker pace than Snapchat.

4. Jupiter Grades (no age limit) I like Jupiter Grades because I can check in on my homework assignments and see where I am academically.

5. Youtube (no age limit) I like Youtube because I am able to watch many videos and listen to music and it also helps with homework assignments. It is my go-to place for watching videos for a large majority of the time.

4 thoughts on “5 Apps/Web Tools I Use

  1. G’day Kirra,
    Thanks for the information in this post. I had not heard of Jupiter Grades. Is that an app that your teachers have to set up and you connect through it?

    • It is a website that teachers set up and it allows the students to look at their homework schedule, it can let them see any missing assingmens, and teachers can send messages on Jupiter which will, for our class, send a mass email to those it applies to with the message (because our school email is associated with Jupiter). It is a very interesting and creative way to organize schoolwork and I am very glad our school implicates it.

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